Patients who are diagnosed with a terminal condition or illness and are considering hospice care have often been referred by a family physician or hospital doctor after it has been determined that further curative treatment will not be beneficial to the patient.

We can imagine the difficulty of being told by a medical professional that “nothing more can be done for you.” This is a scary and often shocking realization to patients and families. They may ask themselves “So what do we do now?” This is a question that we can help to answer through Hospice Care Education.

What is Hospice? 

Hospice is a form of medical care to help someone with a terminal illness live as well as possible for as long as possible, increasing their quality of life. An interdisciplinary team of professionals who address physical, social and spiritual distress focused on both the dying person and their entire family. It is also a type of care that addresses symptom management, coordination of care, communication and decision making, clarification of goals of care and quality of life.

Why Assured Hospice? 

A high level of care provided by a coordinated and compassionate staff of medical and support professionals. Consistent personalized care from the same individual members of the patient’s care team. In addition, we also provide medication management. We offer full support to patient’s as well as their families providing caregiver support. Visits from the Assured Hospice Care team may be as often as every day of the week. We can assist in finding you all of the support that you need.