The support of a coordinated care and compassionate team of health care professionals, including registered nurses, social workers and personal care aides, who work closely with the primary care physician.

In addition, our care services include: 

  • Registered Nurse (RN): Provides medication management (including reordering medications), symptom control and wound care/dressing. Our nursing staff is on call 24/7. 
  • Social Workers: Provides emotional support and family counseling and connecting patient with community resources as needed
  • Spiritual Care: We provide spiritual/ religious support
  • Musical Therapists: Patients can enjoy music of their generation that has been proven to reduce anxiety, to provide a peaceful environment, to bring back memories and to calm residences.
  • Personal Care Aides: To assist with bathing, grooming, skin care, etc.
  • Durable Medical Equipment Coordinators: Including hospital beds, showers, benches, walkers, etc.