Is Medicare Advantage Right For You?

Medicare is one of the most important federal health insurance programs for people who are 65 or older (or those with qualifying disabilities). However, Medicare is a very broad term. Are you looking at Medicare Part A or Part B? Do you know what Medicare Advantage is? Do you know what benefits you get with each plan and are you fully taking advantage of each benefit?

One of the newer Medicare plans is known as “Medicare Advantage.” It covers all of the services that the Medicare we have known for years covers including hospice care, Medicare benefits, emergency/ urgent care, and some costs for clinical research studies. The items that aren’t covered include vision, hearing, dental, wellness programs, transportation to doctor’s offices, over-the-counter medications, adult- day care services and more. However, the plan can choose not to cover services that aren’t medically necessary, so make sure that you check with your provider before you sign up for it.  Please refer to the chart below for a full explanation of benefits that each of the plans offer.

Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage Plans At-A-Glance

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